Audison was founded and continues on a path of constant research and development. New technology requires extraordinary dedication and Audison has this in abundance and has along the way developed its own sophisticated computer modelling software to help it continue to try new ways to make speakers amplifiers and signal processors perform even better. A vast array of products is available all designed to make optimal use of the technologies around which they have been developed. The team at CBS Cambridge have expert knowledge in regards to this brand of audio equipment. If you are looking for an audio upgrade in Cambridge, then CBS Automotive is the only place you should be.

CBS Cambridge now offer a ‘You Buy – We Fit*’service. You can purchase audio equipment and have the professionals install it in your vehicle.

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Audison Bit

Audison bit car audio processors have no equal in the market place. Filled with unique technologies and able to produce near perfect signals to feed in to your car amplifier without the need to change your factory head unit bit products will enable you to achieve the finest HD music in your car tuned to perfection. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Audison bit Play HD
  • Audison bit Play HD240 SSD
  • Audison bit One HD
  • Audison bit One
  • Audison bit Ten D
  • Audison bit Ten
  • Audison bit DMI
  • Audison bit DRC controller
  • Audison ECK DRC Extension Kit
  • Audison CBT 1RCA
  • Audison ES3 Stop/Start Module
  • Audison OP 4.5 TOSLINK
  • Audison OP 1.5 TOSLINK
  • Audison STA TOSLINK Socket
  • Audison bit DRC MP controller
  • Audison SPM4


Audison Voce

Audison Voce car audio amplifiers and speakers are made for music. The Voce car audio range brings together bench mark design and performance providing excellent musical performance. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Audison VOCE AV 5.1K HD
  • Audison VOCE AV 5.1k
  • Audison VOCE AV quattro
  • Audison VOCE AV uno
  • Audison VOCE AV due
  • Audison Voce AV bit IN HD
  • Audison VCRA (Voce)
  • Audison VOCE AV K6
  • Audison VOCE AV K5
  • Audison VOCE AV 1.1
  • Audison VOCE AV 3.0
  • Audison VOCE AV 6.5
  • Audison VOCE AV CX 2W MB
  • Audison VOCE AV CX 2W MH
  • Audison VOCE AV X5
  • Audison AV GR5 130mm Grill
  • Audison VOCE AV X6.5
  • Audison AV GR6.5 165mm Grill
  • Audison VOCE AV 10
  • Audison AV GR10 250mm Grill
  • Audison VOCE AV 12
  • Audison AV GR12 300mm Grill

Audison Prima

Audison Prima car speakers and amplifiers are designed for music lovers looking for a discrete way to improve the sound in their cars. Featuring many new technologies developed to solve the many issues with stock speaker mounting positions. Featuring bit technology built into ultra-compact amplifiers, all Prima products integrate seamlessly into your vehicle's original equipment. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Audison Prima AP8.9 bit
  • Audison Prima AP5.9 bit
  • Audison Prima AP4.9 bit
  • Audison Prima AP4 D
  • Audison Prima AP1 D
  • Audison Prima APTK 3
  • Audison Prima APK 163
  • Audison Prima APK 165
  • Audison Prima APK 165/2
  • Audison Prima APK 130
  • Audison Prima APX 6.5
  • Audison Prima APX 5
  • Audison Prima APX 570
  • Audison Prima APX 4
  • Audison Prima AP 1
  • Audison Prima AP 4
  • Audison Prima AP 5
  • Audison Prima AP 6.5
  • Audison Prima AP 8
  • Audison Prima APX 690
  • Audison Prima APS 8 D
  • Audison Prima APS 10 D
  • Audison Prima APS 8 R
  • Audison Prima APBX 8 DS
  • Audison Prima APBX 10 DS
  • Audison Prima APBX 8 R

Audison Prima Pack

  • Audison Prima APSP G6
  • APSP G7
  • Audison Prima APBX G6
  • Audison Prima APBX G7

Audison SR

Audison SR car audio amplifiers are for those who want the best sound experience for their money. SR amplifiers provide warm, musical sound for real music lovers. On board technologies provide comprehensive protection to enhance the inherent reliability of SR products. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Audison SR5
  • Audison SR 4
  • Audison SR 2
  • Audison SR 1D
  • Audison SR 1Dk
  • Audison VCRA (SR)

Audison THESIS

Audison Thesis car audio amplifiers are more than just a study in technology. The Audison Thesis car amplifier programme genuinely pushes the boundaries of car audio excellence and rewrites the rules of car audio amplification. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Audison Thesis HV venti
  • Audison TH uno
  • Audison TH due
  • Audison TH quattro




*‘You buy -We Fit’ Terms and Conditions – CBS Cambridge will only install recognised branded goods. CBS Cambridge will provide no warranty on the goods installed though this offer. The install is dependent on CBS Automotive assessing the vehicle and products that wish to be installed.