Born in Italy, this extremely popular global brand has come to stand for quality, reliability and value for money. These attributes follow the same that we hold at CBS Cambridge. If you are looking for an audio upgrade in Cambridge, then CBS Cambridge is the only place you need to come too.

At CBS Cambridge we can install a full Hertz Audio upgrade for your car from our designated workshop in the heart of Cambridge.


CBS Cambridge now offer a ‘You Buy – We Fit*’service. You can purchase audio equipment and have the professionals install it in your vehicle.

We introduced Hertz into the UK in 2005 not with an unsustainable bang but in a way that has seen it grow steadily year on year. With many new revisions of products which bring greater innovation to the entry-level and mid-range budgets of car driving music lovers everywhere this now long-established brand is recommended by all who have experienced products from its comprehensive ranges of speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers available.

Hertz Mille

Hertz Mille is a reference range renowned for full and detailed hifi reproduction. From individual car speakers to perfectly matched 3-way component systems, Mille reproduce music with astonishing accuracy. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz Mille MLK 1650.3
  • Hertz Mille MLK 165.3
  • Hertz Mille MLK 700.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 1800.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 1650.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 700.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 280.3
  • Hertz Mille MLCX 2 TW.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 2000.3
  • Hertz Mille ML 2500.3
  • Hertz Mille MLG 2000.3

Hertz Processor

In car processing has become extremely sophisticated and is absolutely essential in order to fine-tune a system to suit listener's tastes and also the many sonic anomalies of a vehicle's interior. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz H8 DSP


Hertz Mille Pro

Hertz Mille Pro is a range of speakers designed and produced for music lovers to experience accurate and detailed reproduction of their favourite music. Incorporating many technologies from its big brother, Mille Legend, this range delivers exceptional performance across all music genres. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030


  • Hertz Mille Pro MPK 130.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPK 1650.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165P.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MP 25.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MP 70.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MP 165P.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MP 165.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPG 165.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPX 690.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPX 165.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPK 163.3
  • Hertz Mille Pro MPCX 2TM


Hertz HDP Amplifiers

Hertz HDP car audio amplifiers lead the way for power to size and weight ratio. These high power amplifiers pack a huge punch across the entire audio spectrum and with Hertz innovative technologies on board you can be assured of first class performance. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz HDP 1
  • Hertz HDP 4
  • Hertz HDP 5
  • Hertz HRC Sub Level Controller

Hertz Energy

Hertz Energy will add new energy to your listening pleasure. Representing a dramatic upgrade to factory fitted products, Energy will set you on an upgrade path you will not regret following. Don't be fooled by the low price tag, these quality car speakers are designed to impress. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz Energy ET 26.5
  • Hertz Energy EMV 100.5
  • Hertz Energy ESK 130.5
  • Hertz Energy ESK 165.5
  • Hertz Energy ESK 165L.5
  • Hertz Energy ESK F165.5
  • Hertz Energy ESK 163L.5
  • Hertz Energy ECX 100.5
  • Hertz Energy ECX 130.5
  • Hertz Energy ECX 165.5
  • Hertz Energy ECX 570.5
  • Hertz Energy ECX 690.5
  • Hertz Energy EBX F20.5
  • Hertz Energy EBX F25.5
  • Hertz Energy EBX 200R.5
  • Hertz Energy EBX 250R.5
  • Hertz Energy EBX 300R.5
  • Hertz Energy ES F20.5
  • Hertz Energy ES F25.5
  • Hertz Energy ES F30.5
  • Hertz Energy ES 200.5
  • Hertz ESG 200 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Energy ES 250.5
  • Hertz Energy ES 250D.5
  • Hertz ESG 250 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Energy ES 300.5
  • Hertz Energy ES 300D.5
  • Hertz ESG 300 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Energy ES 380.5
  • Hertz ESG 380 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Bass Baby

Hertz Dieci

Hertz Dieci is popular range of value-for-money car speakers which will give your sub-standard or broken factory fitted equipment a huge lift. Choose Dieci for better than factory standard sound in your car. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz Dieci DT 24.3
  • Hertz Dieci DSK 130.3
  • Hertz Dieci DSK 165.3
  • Hertz Dieci DSK 170.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 87.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 100.3
  • Hertz GR 100 Grill
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 130.3
  • Hertz GR 130 Grill
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 165.3
  • Hertz GR 165 Grill
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 170.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 460.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 570.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 690.3
  • Hertz Dieci DCX 710.3
  • Hertz Dieci DS 25.3
  • Hertz DSG 250 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Dieci DS 30.3
  • Hertz DSG 300 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz Dieci DS 250.3
  • Hertz Dieci DS 300.3
  • Hertz Dieci DBA 200.3
  • Hertz Dieci DBX 25.3
  • Hertz Dieci DBX 30.3
  • Hertz Dieci DBX 252.3

Hertz HCP

Hertz HCP amplifiers are the perfect, accompaniment to Hertz Energy and High Energy speakers. Featuring Class AB and Class D technology along with controlled undistorted power, compact size and competitive performance, HCP is well deserving of the name Hertz Compact Power! Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz HCP 2
  • Hertz HCP 2X
  • Hertz HCP 4
  • Hertz HCP 4D
  • Hertz HCP 5D
  • Hertz HCP 1D
  • Hertz HCP 1DK
  • Hertz HRC Sub Level Controller

Hertz High Energy

Hertz High Energy is a range of high performing car speakers and subwoofers which consistently out-perform competitor products with a much higher price tag. Drive them to their full potential and treat your ears to some car audio excellence. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz High Energy HX 250
  • Hertz HGR 250 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz High Energy HX 250D
  • Hertz High Energy HX 300
  • Hertz HGR 300 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz High Energy HX 300D
  • Hertz High Energy HX 380
  • Hertz HGR 380 Subwoofer Grill
  • Hertz High Energy HX 380D

Hertz SPL Show

As the name suggests, Hertz SPL Show car audio products are for those who want to get noticed. SPL Show car speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers are all about power and volume yet they remain musical even at very high sound pressure levels! Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz SPL Show ST 35
  • Hertz SPL Show ST 44
  • Hertz SPL Show ST 25
  • Hertz SPL Show SV 165.1
  • Hertz SPL Show SV 200.1
  • Hertz SPL Show SV 200L
  • Hertz SPL Show SV 250.1
  • Hertz SPL Show SX 250D
  • Hertz SPL Show SX 300D
  • Hertz SPL Show SX 380D
  • Hertz SPL Show HP 802
  • Hertz SPL Show HP 3001
  • Hertz SPL Show HP 6001


Hertz SPL Monster

The Hertz SPL Monster range consists of extremely powerful amplifiers and chunky subwoofers for the ultimate in bass generation. Strictly for those who wish to show or compete, all products are truly deserving of their "SPL Monster" credentials! Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Hertz SPL Monster MP 15K
  • Hertz SPL Monster MM 15.1 Unlimited
  • Hertz SPL Monster MG 15 Bass


*‘You buy -We Fit’ Terms and Conditions – CBS Cambridge will only install recognised branded goods. CBS Cambridge will provide no warranty on the goods installed though this offer. The install is dependent on CBS Automotive assessing the vehicle and products that wish to be installed.