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Select CBS based in Cambridge are specialists in vehicle installations and are well-respected and trusted within the automotive industry.

Select – CBS are main dealers for a range of market leading brands and are highly trained in vehicle installations including In-car entertainment systems, tow bars, tracking devices, hands-free car kits, parking sensors and security systems.

Our dedicated team of experienced vehicle installation experts provides dealers with a reliable, efficient and professional service tailored to your business needs. For your convenience we can provide some of our installation services at your home, business premises or via our ‘fit while you wait’ service, from our workshop in central Cambridge.
Whether you are cars or commercial vehicles the comprehensive vehicle installation services from Select – CBS are second to none.


In today’s marketplace of shrinking budgets, growing
competition and modern, sophisticated buyers, establishing
stronger client loyalty is not easy. There always stands a
competitor ready to offer lower prices and higher value, while
buyers are also looking to play companies off one another in
search of the best deal.

It should be obvious to anyone in business today, that to
establish true customer loyalty takes a lot more than the old
price, product and performance formula. You have to be more,
supply more and represent more than what you sell. You have to be
more than a sales person. You must become a partner!

#1 – Make Contact for the Customer’s Benefit

After the sale, most buyers know that there are at least two
times that they are guaranteed to hear from their sales
representative: When the sales person wants some referrals,
references or when they want to sell something else.

#2 – Become a Liaison for Everything

Let your customers know that they can contact you for needs that
have nothing to do with your profession. Inform your clients that
you are a resource for them, a conduit for all types of products
and services, and they can call you for almost anything they

#3 – Continue to Sell

Finally, in maintaining customer loyalty, continue to sell your
product or service. I am not talking about selling additional
products and services, which you obviously will do. I mean
continue to sell that which you have already sold. Continue to
sell and exemplify the problem solving benefits of what the
client has already bought.

Price is Irrelevant

When you can achieve success in the three above areas, you will
have become a business resource for the client, an advisor, a
partner. At this point, the price you charge for your products or
services becomes inconsequential, as you represent so much more.
Your competition can come in and low-ball the rates, but it will
not matter.

Good clients are hard to get these days. Keep them.

Happy Selling!

Naeem Khokhar Select-CBS


Parking sensors from £149.00

Bluetooth Handsfree now from £99.00

Tow bars at low prices

Call for details now 01223 56 30 30
Standard terms apply all prices subject to VAT. An audio lead may be needed at extra cost on hands free kits. E&OE