Established in the home of renaissance classical music, Germany, Rainbow is a brand steeped in a culture of audio excellence. Influenced by the many concert halls opera houses and professional recording facilities that proliferate in its German home, Rainbow is very much aimed at those who appreciate a very real acoustic reproduction especially, but by no means exclusively, acoustic instruments. From entry-level amplifiers and custom-fit speakers designed to drop-in to vehicle manufacturer's mounting positions to reference audiophile products, extraordinary engineering principles are strictly adhered to and the result is always most impressive! Ask the experts at CBS Cambridge for more information by calling us on 01223 563030

CBS Cambridge now offer a ‘You Buy – We Fit*’service. You can purchase audio equipment and have the professionals install it in your vehicle.

Digital Signal Processors

Rainbow's foray into the world of digital signal processing allows better OEM integration of all Rainbow car audio products with the added bonus of shaping the final sound to better suit the interior characteristics of any car. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow DSP 1.8
  • Rainbow DSP 1.8 + Wifi
  • Rainbow DSP Wifi Module (DSP 1.8)

Profi Line

Not for those who put budget before performance. This line of products are for the discerning music lover and are capable of making a huge impression on those who previously believed that high fidelity was only achievable in the home! Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Profi PL-M3P
  • Rainbow Profi PL-T28
  • Rainbow Profi PL-W6P
  • Rainbow Profi PL-W6C
  • Rainbow Profi PL-S10

Germanium Line

Rainbow Germanium car audio speakers and amplifiers deliver precise sonic reproduction that suits all genres, Germanium car speakers are definitely for the more discerning music fan. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Germanium Four
  • Rainbow Germanium Two
  • Rainbow Germanium One
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-C6.3
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-C6.3 A
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-C6.2
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-C6.2A
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-C3.2 SA
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-S10
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-S10(2)
  • Rainbow Germanium GL-S12

Intelligence Line

A series of vehicle-specific speaker systems and active subs equipped with compact and powerful components. The supplied accessories are designed for car specific installations into factory locations with the best possible sound result. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Intelli Sub 8 AFE
  • Rainbow Intelli Sub 10 AFE
  • Rainbow IL-C6.2F Slim Fit
  • Rainbow IL-C8.2F Slim Fit
  • BMW E36 3 Series & Compact
  • BMW E39 Saloon & Touring
  • BMW E46 Coupe IL-C6.2E
  • BMW E46 Limo IL-C6.2E
  • BMW E/F Series IL-C8.3E
  • BMW E/F Series IL-C4.2E
  • BMW E/F Series IL-X4E
  • BMW F Series IL-C8.3F
  • BMW F Series IL-C4.2F
  • BMW F Series IL-X4F
  • BMW E/F Series IL-X4 MIX
  • BMW E/F Series IL-C4.2 MIX
  • BMW E/F Series IL-C8.3 MIX
  • BMW E&F Series Seat Woofer
  • Mercedes W124 IL-X4.7 Front
  • Mercedes W124 IL-X4.7 Rear
  • VW Golf 6 IL-C6.2 Front
  • VW Golf 5 IL-C8.3 Front 3 Way
  • VW T5 IL-C8.3 Front 3 Way

Beat Amplifiers

Beat Amplifiers are built to perform. The sleek compact black cases are completely frill-free and the overlying design principle was to build high performance work-horse car amplifiers with a sensible approach to installation flexibility. We think this has been achieved magnificently! Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Beat 1+
  • Rainbow Beat 2
  • Rainbow Beat 4

Sound Line

Rainbow Sound Line is engineered for accuracy at an affordable price. Fantastic, musical performance guaranteed from these speakers and subwoofers. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-C3.2
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-C5.2
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-C6.2
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-C6.3
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-S10
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL-S12
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL C6.2 PRO
  • Rainbow Sound Line SL C6.3 PRO

Dream Line

Rainbow Dream Line as the name suggests, is a value for money range of amplifiers, car speakers and subwoofers that will transport you to an audio dream land. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Dream 4
  • Rainbow Dream 2
  • Rainbow Dream 1
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-C6.2
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-C6.3
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X6
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-C5.2
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X5
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-C4.2
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X4
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X46
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X4.7
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-X69
  • Rainbow Dream Line DL-S12

Experience Line

Experience Line is a cost effective range of high performance speakers featuring many technologies with more expensive ranges of Rainbow products. Built to offer an accurate, balanced sound and ease of installation. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Experience Line EL-C6.2
  • Rainbow Experience Line EL-C5.2
  • Rainbow Experience Line EL-X5
  • Rainbow Experience Line EL-X6
  • Rainbow Experience Line EL-X69

Platinum Line

Unobstrusive, yet spectacular, powerful and pure, with simplicity and elegance. Acoustically. Dynamically & Infinitely different. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Platinum 275.28 Active

Reference Line

The design of the reference-system is determined by its functionality. Every detail is in harmony with the whole, fascinating the sense of sight and touch at the same time. The rounded elements of the system reflect the designer‘s clarity of view. Call CBS Cambridge for a quote today on 01223 563030

  • Rainbow Reference CS 360.30
  • Rainbow Reference 260.30

*‘You buy -We Fit’ Terms and Conditions – CBS Cambridge will only install recognised branded goods. CBS Cambridge will provide no warranty on the goods installed though this offer. The install is dependent on CBS Automotive assessing the vehicle and products that wish to be installed.

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